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What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Preston Chiropractic & Rehabilitation patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.Yours in Health,- Dr Massimo Biancobutton_click-here-to-watch-video-testimonials

Absolutely amazed at the whole experience! This facility runs like a well oiled machine, everything flows so smoothly. After my initial visit, I haven’t had to wait more than a minute before being seen. The building is well lit and inviting!

~Gregory G. (January 2/19)

Love the staff, love the doctors, love the atmosphere. Feel so much better since I first came.

Theresa M. (April 16/15)

The staff has been courteous, helpful and supportive. After my diagnosis, I have experienced excellent treatment, which has led to relief from my symptoms. The difference in my condition is profound. I am so glad that I have undergone therapy at your clinic.

~Derrick T. (November 16/15)

After only my second adjustment I’m already feeling relief!

Pam C. (Jan. 28/15)

I am so blessed to have Preston Chiropractic for the care of my conditions. My health and welfare vastly improved and continues to do so. Thank you so much. ~Dawn P. (Jan. 8/15)

I loved my experience. Jesica F. (Dec 6/14)

Running in to Dr. Billy and Joy at the health fair was God sent. They were so helpful in answering all of my questions. There friendliness was off the charts. Made you want to be around them which of course helped with my decision to join the Preston Chiropractic & Rehabilitation team. Positive people bring positive results. Thanks Ladies! ~Brenda L. (Oct 29/14)

I would like to say that you guys do a great job thanks. Christopher B. (Oct 27/14)

Every time I walk in the door I know I’m going to have a good experience. Everyone is friendly and very helpful. I’ve never walked out the door feeling unhappy with the service or staff. ~Sharon H. (Oct 2/14)

I very much appreciated the time management of the staff there at the office and appreciated the time all staff took to help with and explain procedures, x-rays, and so forth. The doctors were also very efficient. ~ Cam M (Jan 3/14)

I am very happy with the care I’m receiving and the plan Dr.Bianco has for me. ~ Barbara G (Nov 15/13)

I am impressed by the very knowledgeable doctor, the warm and friendly staff and the affordable financial arrangements that were offered to me. I would (and have) highly recommend this practice. ~ Stacy P (Oct 19/13)

Extremely friendly staff and doctors. Everything is explained in great detail before and after treatment. Just after going for a week for treatment I feel so much better and always look forward to my next appointment. ~ Kasey P (Sept 10/13)

The office staff and the doctor were very friendly and efficient . They made me feel comfortable for my first visit. Dr. Bianco needed to get and study my MRI to determine what could be the problem and they scheduled me to come back the very next day to discuss my situation with him. ~ Alice J (July 24/13)

Meet More Of Our Thrilled Patients:

Testimonial at {PRACTIC NAME}I had been suffering with lower back and neck pain. I had tried medication. After meeting the doctor at a health fair and coming in for chiropractic care, I later realized I should have done this a long time ago!

Testimonial at {PRACTIC NAME}I had excruciating pain in my left lower back that ran all the way down my hip, my leg, to my knee cap. I could hardly get out of bed. I was definitely on my last leg. I tried pain pills and medical doctor, but wasn’t getting any betters. Some friends referred me to this office. Now I feel great. Zero pain most of the time! I can now play basketball and other games. It feels great to be 65 yet feel like you’re 18!

Testimonial at {PRACTIC NAME}I had severe back pain and neck pain, scoliosis stage 1, and carpal tunnel syndrome. I had not been to other chiropractors, but the Tylenol and other pain killers weren’t working. I looked in the phone book and found this office and I’m glad I did. The results have been awesome! I can bend over, and I can turn my head without severe pain!

Testimonial at {PRACTIC NAME}I was suffering with a lot of lower back pain. I tried medications and physical therapy but it wasn’t helping. A friend told me about this office. Since I’ve been coming in I feel awesome! I am able to walk my heels down, and bend down and reach my toes when sitting.

Testimonial at {PRACTIC NAME}I had been suffering with terrible lower back pain. Even after taking medications and going through physical therapy I was still in pain. But after coming to the chiropractor I’ve been doing much better!

Testimonial at {PRACTIC NAME}I had severe neck pain that made it so I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t read a book because of my neck, and could hardly move my neck because of the pain. I tried medication and physical therapy, but it just wasn’t helping me. After coming here for only 3 weeks, I can now enjoy reading, I can sleep, and I can move my neck without pain. Thank you!

Testimonial at {PRACTIC NAME}I had been suffering with pain in my neck and shoulder. I tried getting relief with medications, hot and cold packs, but it wasn’t helping. My pain is a lot less now than the day I came in here! Thanks to the knowledgeable and friendly staff!

Testimonial at {PRACTIC NAME}I used to have a lot of headaches, aching pain, and a stiff neck. I had been taking pain medicine, Lortab, and 600 mg Ibuprofen, but still couldn’t get relief. A friend told me about this office. Since I’ve been coming I’m 100% better! I no longer have the aching neck pain or headaches!

Testimonial at {PRACTIC NAME}I had this nagging numbness and tingling in my left arm. I had tried Tylenol and pain patches, but the numbness and tingling wasn’t going away. I walked in one day to see if the doctor here could help me. And thankfully he did! I feel great now. I can now live a normal ‘tingle’ free life!

Testimonial at {PRACTIC NAME}I was suffering neck pain and severe headaches. I tried Tylenol and pain medication which wasn’t working. After coming to this office and getting chiropractic care, I feel a lot better and I no longer have severe headaches.

Testimonial at {PRACTIC NAME}My husband referred me here because I was having headaches all the time. I was constantly taking Advil, but it was getting to where it wasn’t helping. Since I’ve been coming here, I feel very good. My headaches have disappeared!

Testimonial at {PRACTIC NAME}I used to have a very stiff neck and headaches all the time. I was taking medications but with no help. Since I’ve been coming in for chiropractic care, I’m feeling much better. The headaches are getting fewer and fewer.

Testimonial at {PRACTIC NAME}I was suffering with headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, and arthritis. I had tried using pain medication, trying new pillows, and using a heating pad, but I was still miserable. After receiving chiropractic care at this office, I’ve felt a lot better. I have more movement without the pain, and less headaches.

Patient Video Testimonials

“These patients’ results are extraordinary. Individual results may vary.”