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Dr. Frida Bianco

Dr. Frida Bianco

Dr. Frida Bianco

Dr.Frida Bianco is married to Dr.Massimo Bianco. Dr. Frida is fluent in English and Russian and received her chiropractic degree from National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois.  She earned her bachelor of science in biology from the State University of N.Y at Albany.

Chiropractic Experiences

Dr. Frida’s career includes over 15 years of practicing in various clinical settings in Illinois, Kentucky and Indiana.

Her experience ranges from family care to auto accident and personal injury cases. She enjoys working with both children and adults.

Away from Preston Chiropractic & Rehabilitation

Dr. Frida has three children, two boys and one girl.  All three are adjusted regularly and look forward to being adjusted.  They understand that it benefits their overall health, much like proper exercise and healthy eating habits.

It is essential for her to maintain a harmonious balance between family and career because of how rewarding her job is. Dr. Frida never tires of hearing of the great results her patients experience.  They say that their medication never gave them the relief that chiropractic has.

Caring and Compassionate

Dr. Frida Bianco enjoys helping the patients at Preston Chiropractic achieve their optimal level of health. She is caring, compassionate, and a good listener. She believes overall health is the key to living a healthy lifestyle. She is open to different exercise routines such as yoga, group exercise classes, 5k walks, etc. Dr. Frida also understands that just as all diet plans don’t work for everyone, she will customize your chiropractic treatment plan to best suit your needs.